Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy Cold this morning

I haven't been walking to work last week because it has been very cold outside. Well, after my weigh in yesterday, with 0 lbs lost, I decided to man up and get back after it and start walking to work, cold or no cold.

It was 8 degrees outside. about 1/2 mile into my walk, I thought my forehead was going to freeze solid. My ears were screaming with pain. So I ducked into a convenience store and bought some coffee and milled around the store to give my face a chance to thaw before getting back out in the frigid knife-like air.

I made it to work, although chilled to the bone. That was actually pretty dangerous. Next items to buy, ear muffs and a felt Indiana Jones style hat. anybody know where I can find a good set of ear muffs? I want the kind that wrap around the back of your head so you can wear a hat.

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Scott said...

I got this email from my Mom...Scotcho, I'll bet you really lost some but that scale would not show fractions of pounds. Will share a meal plan I use every week or two that is really easy and fun....... Oscar Mayer 98% Fat Free Turkey hot dogs are only 1 point each!!! For lunch sometimes I heat up four of them and use one whole wheat hot dog bun (3 points) with mustard. Sure is yummy and of course with a cup of the Garden Vegetable (zero points) soup or other vegetables or fruit, sure makes a satisfying and tasty meal. Very interesting tidbit from The Seven Pillars of Health by Dr. Don Colbert....."Generally, your first deep breath toward the end of a meal is a sign that your body is satisfied and that you should stop eating. Regularly continuing to eat after this deep breath will eventually result in weight gain." New information for me..... interesting!!! Mom