Monday, January 21, 2008

The Weekend was a little rough

First of all, I didn't get in the kind of mileage I thought I was. Actually, I did exactly what I wanted to do on Saturday...and walking wasn't one of them. However I did get a mile in. Didn't walk on Sunday. After church, I spent too much time filming the Scott Townsend Show, driving all the way back home and spending the rest of the day editing, uploading and dealing with a computer that kept wanting to crash on me.

As for eating, we had a brunch at the Doubletree Hotel after church with some great family members. I'm afraid I put too much on my plate. Really didn't have anything else until dinner time, which consisted of some cashew chicken and some rice. I only ate half of what was given to me.

Overall, I feel a malaise coming over me along with a runny nose and swollen sinuses. I went to the doctor on Saturday and he prescribed Nasonex and Allegra. I've never used a medication administerd through the nose. It's not that bad.

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