Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday 011408

Taking 20 minutes to eat so your brain thinks you are satisfied is a great trick. No matter how small my plate seems, I've tried the "take 20 minutes to eat" trick and it works. It's stretching out the meal to last for 20 minutes that's a chore. But I've been slowing down, putting my fork down between bites and relaxing while I eat. I am finding that no matter how small my portion might be on the plate, I still feel satisfied with that amount after 20 minutes. The hard part is when I first approach the dinner table and feel very hungry. The temptation for me is to dive in fast and furious and get fix the hungry feeling. But I wind up eating way too much and by the time my brain clicks in to Satisfied mode, I was stuffed and uncomfortable. No more.

Walk 1 mile (7:00am)

1 banana
1 package Nature Valley Oats N Honey

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